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"The Sum Of All Fears seamlessly blends elements from Tom Clancy’s best-selling novel with Paramount’s feature film for a thrilling yet intuitive video game experience" - The Hollywood Reporter

"The Sum of All Fears is a fantastic first-person tactical shooter full of excitement" -


The Sum of All Fears is the highgly anticipated first-person action game based on Tom Clancy’s novel and the Paramount film of the same name starring Ben Affleck (Jack Ryan) and Morgan Freeman (Bill Cabot).


Lead a team of domestic counter-terrorism experts through 11 dangerous missions that span the globe. Formed from the elite of the F.B.I.'s HRT, you have been tapped to perform covert ops in the most dangerous circumstances imaginable. As the commander of this team, you'll lead your unit into the heat of battle, performing missions ranging from eliminating terrorists to planting bugs, and destroying illegal weapons caches to rescuing hostages.


· 11 action-packed missions in realistic settings

from around the world.

· An intense storyline that parallels the novel

and film of the same name.

· From the makers of the award-winning Tom Clancy

games, Ghost Recon and the Rainbow Six series.

· Multiple difficulty settings plus a

comprehensive training level.

· An easy-to-use interface that lets players dive

right into the action.

· Use the latest in anti-terrorist weaponry

including 15 unique gun types, flashbangs and

frag grenades.

· A variety of multiplayer options for team based

and competitive play (PS2 TBC)


Aug 09th (PC, GameBoy Advance)

Sep 27th (PlayStation 2)

Nov 1st (Nintendo Game Cube)


PlayStation 2 / PC / Nintendo

Game Cube / GameBoy Advance

PUBLISHER: Ubi Soft Entertainment

DEVELOPER: Red Storm Entertainment

The Sum Of All Fears on PC & Console Game @
The Sum Of All Fears on PC & Console Game @
The Sum Of All Fears on PC & Console Game @
The Sum Of All Fears on PC & Console Game @
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