New York-based The Strokes are working on a new album which is influenced by the likes of THIN LIZZY and Elvis Costello, it has been revealed.

Speaking to Rolling Stone magazine Julian Casablancas, the singer behind hits including LAST NITE, explained that work on the forthcoming release is "going great".

He said: "Some of the new stuff has a 70s vibe, like Thin Lizzy or Elvis Costello.

"But then some of it is bizarre music from the future that we're trying to tone down to sound catchy."

This means that the band is feeling trapped between the 70s and the future, he added.

Recording has also been a smooth process this time, without any "mini-feuds" over little things, Julian stated.

However, there is still a lot to do, he noted.

The band released their last album, First Impressions of Earth, in January 2006 and included the single JUICEBOX which made it to number five in the UK chart.

31/03/2009 09:47:08