New York rockers The Strokes were terrorised by producer David Khane while making new album FIRST IMPRESSIONS OF EARTH, as he forced them to strive for perfection.

The LAST NITE stars couldn't wait to work with Khane, who has collaborated with Sir Paul McCartney and Tony Bennett.

But the reality was harsher than they expected, and the meticulous music mogul dragged them through nine months of gruelling recording.

Drummer FABRIZIO MORETTI says, "(He) said, 'That wasn't good enough. Put your tail between your legs and go back to the studio.'"

Guitarist Nick Valensi adds, "He was pretty brutal at times. I mean it really worked for me, but he could be really harsh.

"I would do a guitar solo or something, and he would look at me and say, 'That was really cheesy. You need to rethink that.'

"And I would be like, 'What did you just say to me?'"