US rockers The Strokes have such a blast at their pre-christmas get-together they believe it should be broadcast on television.

The JUICEBOX hitmakers, who have made a tradition of meeting up for their own special party the week before Christmas, think fans would love to see them all cooking and exchanging gifts.

Guitarist NICK VALENSI says, "We always get together a few days before Christmas and have a little Strokes gathering."

Frontman Julian Casablancas adds, "It's called A Very Strokes Christmas."

The band's drummer Fabrizio Moretti explains, "It's always held at my house. Well, it has been for about the last four years.

"We do Secret Santa and we have a tradition of vodka rigatoni, which is a secret recipe of one of our friends' mom.

"I think it's actually going to move this year to ALBERT's house, I don't know why."

ALBERT HAMMOND JR says, "We're going to film it this year and we're hoping to air it on TV one day."