American rockers The Strokes have defended their unpopular second album ROOM ON FIRE, insisting fans and critics have made a mistake by rubbishing their work.

The LAST NITE hitmakers are hoping for more success with their third album FIRST IMPRESSIONS OF EARTH and insist people will change their minds about Room On Fire in retrospect.

Guitarist NICK VALENSI says, "I wish we'd had more time to think about the songs more, but we gave it 100 per cent in the time that we had to do it."

Drummer Fabrizio Moretti adds, "Those songs are good man. It is what it is and hopefully, once people are done enjoying this album (First Impressions), they'll go back and realise they maybe they made a mistake when they dogged us, man.

"Honestly, the most glaringly obvious thing is that people thought that it sounded too much like the first record. That can be justified, but it's not really that true."