American rocker The Strokes have built their own recording studios, so they can take their time making their third album.

The band feel their second LP ROOM ON FIRE was rushed and subsequently not as good as the eponymous debut that shot them to fame.

So they are hoping the studio they have installed at their Midtown Manhattan Music Building rehearsal space will make a more relaxing atmosphere - and save them money.

Drummer Fabrizio Moretti explains, "To get where we are right now we couldn't have the pressure of hearing the f**king change fall in the bucket every time seconds passed (in the studio). So instead of using the money they (the label) were going to give us to make the third record at a studio, we just bought our equipment and now we have it permanently and we don't feel that guillotine falling. It really helps us to explore.

"I feel like this was the perfect amount of time and it's gonna be the perfect set up for the record, because we'll be able to go to all the places we want to go and not feel like we don't have the best possible record we could have on our hands."

14/07/2005 05:46