Rockers The Strokes, Oasis, Queens Of The Stone Age, System Of A Down and Ozzy Osbourne have donated their microphones to an online charity auction.

The event, which comes as part of the BETTER HEARING AND SPEECH MONTH (MAY03), hopes to raise over $10,000 (GBP6,500) for the HEARING AID MUSIC FOUNDATION.

Held in conjunction with SHURE INCORPORATED - a leading manufacturer of microphones and audio electronics - the auction runs until 22 May.

Jethro Tull frontman IAN ANDERSON's mouthpiece is so far attracting the highest bid, with one fan offering $360 (GBP240) for his autographed microphone.

Elsewhere, The Strokes' mic - signed by drummer FAB MORETTI - is valued at $60 (GBP40), with Oasis at $71 (GBP47), Queens Of The Stone Age at $52.01 (GBP35), Korn at $102.50 (GBP68), the Dixie Chicks at $150 (GBP100) and KELLY OSBOURNE at $91 (GBP60).

15/05/2003 17:30