The Strokes frontman Julian Casablancas delivered all of his vocals for the group's new album via email - because the outspoken singer wanted to give his bandmates complete creative freedom.
The star wrote every song on the band's previous releases and was heavily involved in the musical arrangement of the tracks, so he decided to stay away when his pals holed themselves up on guitarist Albert Hammond, Jr.'s New York farm to begin work on their first album in five years.
And Hammond, Jr. insists Casablancas' impersonal approach to recording worked wonders for group morale as every member was given a chance to express themselves on their comeback disc, Angles.
He tells the New York Post, "Julian didn't want to stifle the rest of us with his opinions - it was his way of making us stronger as a band.
"We're a very organic band and we still feel love, but like in anything, there are times we all need time to be alone. That doesn't mean we don't respect and love.
"It's an easy thing to say we're all going to accept everyone's ideas, sift through them and do what's best for The Strokes. It's harder to actually do it. It's hard on your ego to have your songs torn apart by friends, but it does make the songs better and lets the band evolve. We just have to trust each other."