The Strokes guitarist Albert Hammond Jr has been praised by police for helping to apprehend a group of runaway suspects in Texas. The star, who was in the state promoting solo album YOURS TO KEEP, managed to stop a lengthy high-speed criminal car chase all thanks to his oversized tour bus earlier last week (ends21JAN07). Posting on his MySpace page, Hammond writes, "It turned out that the cops had been chasing a suspect in a pickup truck in a high speed chase a la OJ Simpson since the Texas state border. It seemed that the pickup was going to get away until he came into contact with you know who (us). "It appeared that since our trailer has such a wide load - though sadly no such bumper sticker yet - we proved an obstacle past which no mere pickup truck could speed ahead! But those crazy criminals will do anything to get a laugh, won't they? "Those knuckleheads smashed into our trailer and spun out of control, crashing into the side ramp, and awaited their vacation in the Texas State Penitentiary. Book 'em, boys!"