The Strokes star Albert Hammond, Jr. has reached out to British rockers Arctic Monkeys in a bid to land a supporting slot on the band's ongoing tour.

The guitarist, who is currently working on the follow-up to his second solo album, 2008's Como Te Llama, reveals he personally contacted frontman Alex Turner and drummer Matt Helders to propose the idea of them hitting the road together, but his suggestion has so far been snubbed.

He tells, "I'm trying to get an Arctic Monkeys support... I mean, I wrote Alex an email... I'm friendly with Matt and we get along, we've hung out, I've said it (suggested it) to him but I know he's kind of like, 'I can't do anything'.

"I have a feeling, maybe he (Turner) doesn't like me, I don't know! I ran into him in L.A., he was quiet, he wrote me a nice email back but he was like, 'Yeah, you'll definitely be in the running, (but) we have someone already...'

"I just feel like it would be a good bill, that's all. I just tried to be honest about how much I think it would be a cool thing, you know, it would be interesting for fans..."

The Arctic Monkeys are currently in the midst of their AM Tour, which will resume in London later this month (May14).