Review of Juicebox (Rough Trade 05/12/2005) Single by The Strokes

The Strokes
Juicebox (Rough Trade 05/12/2005)

The Strokes Juicebox (Rough Trade 05/12/2005) Single

The downtrodden rasping nature of this prelude to next year's 'First Impressions Of The Earth' album, sees Julian Casablancas' vocals taking on a haunting and howling feel that has never before reached this loftiness, only being hinted at in 'New York City Cops'. A hounding, 70s fuzzy feel comes off, to give you the impression that it has been a case of back to basics, in the practice room for these New Yorkers. Especially after the moderate reception given to their second album that was always going to struggle to follow debut; 'Is This It'.

Driving guitars and a rumbling bass line elevate the austere vocals to produce a nifty tale of insurrection and human frailty. The Strokes, in the past, have been hailed as the band of the new millennium and it now seems highly likely that they are going to end a twentieth of it, on a new high.

David Adair

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