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"Certainly anyone wishing to remember as far back as the summer of 2001 would struggle to get away from the fact it was a bleak period for music indeed, far worse than the present if truth be known"...the second I saw this comment I knew this album was going to be given a bad review, coupled with the fact that he completely disses "Is This It", a truly excellent debut album. Would Dom care to elaborate on how music in 2001 was far worse than the present? I mean, granted, I wasn't a fan of limp bizkit and nu metal in general but it still beats...I dunno, complete and utter b*llocks by some little boy who has only been signed because of the way they look or some awful electronically voiced pop garbage. Typical music 'critic/supposed expert'.By todays standards this album is 10/10 and beyond---PERIOD

Posted 5 years 6 months ago by locrian_7

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