The Streets star MIKE SKINNER was forced to scrap plans to hire the famous Red Arrows formation flying team to spice up his festival performances this summer - after discovering he couldn't afford them.
The musician dreamed up the idea of having the ace Royal Air Force (RAF) pilots write his catchphrase "Go Low" in fuel vapour in the sky at a string of outdoor concerts.
But his plans were scrapped by his frugal manager, who insisted the Red Arrows cost too much - and pointed out all his festival performances are at night.
Skinner writes online, "Originally my plan was for the Red Arrows in full formation to do a fly-by trailing red white and blue smoke just as we go onstage and then at around the midway marker, to write GO LOW in multi-coloured smoke in the sky behind the stage. There were a few objections to this by my manager who likes to ruin everything. Firstly he said that money would be an issue hiring the RAF plus jet fuel to keep eight of those things in the sky. Secondly, we're mostly playing at night which tends to hinder people's ability to see writing in the sky."
Instead, the star has come up with a cheaper aerial display: "We are instead having a banner made with the Streets logo and relevant wording written to be dragged oversite during the day of the performance. It's a childhood dream to have my words written in the sky."