An aspiring hip-hop star signed to The Streets rapper MIKE SKINNER's record label has come up with a tongue-in-cheek reply to Lily Allen's UK number one SMILE. The witty response - titled VILE - sees rapper EXAMPLE pose as the singer's ex-boyfriend and opens: "At first you made me smile/It was nice for a while/But then you turned vile". He also accuses the pop star - who has spoken candidly of her drug-taking - of burning him with a joint. He says, "I think Lily has heard the track. I gave it to her producer to play to her. "We just did it for a laugh. Hip-hop artists take life too seriously." A bemused Allen responds on her website: "To all who were wondering, he was never my boyfriend . I do think his version is very funny though. And I think the sock video is pretty good too." Example has also recorded an embittered parody of Britney Spears' hit TOXIC, complaining, "Your breath’s f**king toxic."