The Streets star MIKE SKINNER has admitted he did go wild after first finding fame with his 2002 debut album - he was just careful no one saw him doing it.

Contrary to popular opinion - which had the singer-songwriter becoming a recluse following the success of ORIGINAL PIRATE MATERIAL - Skinner reveals he followed the drunken example of British football hero George Best when he first became famous, but made sure he partied in secret.

He explains, "To be honest I did go a bit George Best for a while, I just didn't do it where everyone else tends to do it.

"You see papers and magazines full of celebrities falling out of bars p***ed and you think, 'Oh that's terrible - all the photographers taking pictures of them.'

"But then you realise if they didn't want to happen they wouldn't have gone to the bars where all the photographers hang out. I fall out of this bar every f***ing week and no one knows about it!"

26/04/2004 17:20