Streets singer MIKE SKINNER has used an old vintage microphone to record his forthcoming album - because he wants his songs to sound like a war-time news announcement.
The British rapper is currently recording his forthcoming LP - the follow-up to his 2006 hit album The Hardest Way To Make An Easy Living - using an RCA 77 microphone.
The star has opted for this old fashioned addition to his modern day recording studio because he wants to make his lyrics sound like a news bulletin or weather report.
He says, "I found the deepest shop in the world and picked up a RCA 77 vintage ribbon microphone. Amazing sound but with a story. A news story. For this microphone was previously owned by CBS.
"When I touch it, I can almost hear the Cuban missile crisis being announced to the American nation, or maybe the assassination of Kennedy, or even perhaps a sponsored announcement for tinned meat.
"My music is basically news. The album is almost done. I just need to get through the weather report and it's yours."