The Streets rapper MIKE SKINNER is to play the lead in a new movie touted as the biggest cinematic celebration of British youth culture.

The DRY YOUR EYES hitmaker will star opposite his hip-hop pal DIZZEE RASCAL, actor Ralf Little and sexy singer JENTINA in provisionally titled film, CHAV: THE MOVIE, which follows fashionable teenagers, nicknamed 'chavs', as they struggle with relationships, drugs and peer pressure.

A film insider says, "This is hopefully going to be the film that sums up life as a young person in Britain today. It will be talked about in years to come. Mike was the first person thought of for the role.

"The whole chav culture thing is a real movement that has now become part of our everyday language. Originally we hoped to call the film A GRAND DON'T COME FOR FREE (the title of Skinner's second album) but that is a title too associated with The Streets. So the title Chav: The Movie is being used at the moment. It may change at some point."

16/09/2004 14:06