The Streets frontman MIKE SKINNER is doubling as a love counselor on his website to male fans.

The DRY YOUR EYES star has been offering unconventional advice to one confused man who's fallen in love with a female "friend" who also happens to be his flatmate.

Skinner advises, "Where you have gone wrong is the use of the word 'friend' to describe this girl.

"Girls can never be your friend. A girl will not look at you with understanding when you roll in p**sed at 3am, waking them up because you lost your keys and then p**s in the wardrobe.

"She won't care about your ability to spit over four clear yards.

"If you want to s**g her, do it, but realise that six months down the line you'll be living with a loathsome, nagging cow who sits around in old stained trackies and even your mates wouldn't f**k her for charity."

30/01/2005 14:14