The Streets star MIKE SKINNER ditched an entire album's worth of new material while recording his latest LP.
The British rapper was so tormented by making his fourth album, Everything Is Borrowed, that he scrapped more than a dozen songs.
And he even wrote a track about a donkey before finally going back to basics to complete the disc.
The Fit But You Know It hitmaker tells music magazine NME, "I probably threw away more music than is on the album now.
"But the album is a product of all the stuff I threw away, it was important to the album.
"There was a song about a donkey that got eradicated!"
Skinner, whose new album is released next month (Sept08), plans to abandon sampling on his next record and use only real musicians.
He adds, "It's no different to what I normally do, really, it just costs a bit more, but I can't delegate anything - I'm a control freak, but in a nice way."
The rapper also promises to stick to his pledge to retire from music after his fifth record, adding: "Maybe when I'm 40 and broke I might come back, but that all feels a bit pants."