The Streets star MIKE SKINNER is shunning big money opportunities to concentrate on managing young British urban talent.

The DRY YOUR EYES rapper has chosen to step out of the limelight to build his own production empire based on upcoming acts that spark his interest.

A friend says, "Mike could literally be raking in hundreds of thousands of pounds to provide beats and produce other people's work, but he refuses to compromise his integrity.

"He's been putting all his energy into getting his label off the ground and is doing all he can to help and develop grass-roots talent."

Since last performing live with The Streets two months ago (AUG04), Skinner has been working with talent like The Mitchell Brothers and Kano. He produced 19-year-old Kano's major label debut PS AND QS, and The Mitchell Brothers material, which will be released through his label, THE BEATS.

24/10/2004 20:56