The Streets star MIKE SKINNER was forced to pull out of yesterday's (05NOV06) New York marathon after tearing a muscle. The FIT BUT YOU KNOW IT MC admits he's "gutted" about not being able to run the gruelling 26-mile (48-kilometre) course, after months of training to get in shape. Now he's resigned himself to a convalescence of video games and toasted treats. On the British group's MySpace page he writes, "I can't f**king believe it. I've torn a muscle and I can't run in New York this weekend. Typical. Been training for months and the first time I hurt myself is a week before the race!" "I'm going to have to rest up and get good on the new 'Scarface' game before I can run again. B**locks. I think I might do a boxers' ting and go to Ibiza to train for the next one. Back to the toasted sandwiches."