British rapper MIKE SKINNER shocked fans after telling them he had been forced onto The Streets when his house was repossessed - before admitting it was a stunt for his latest music video.
The Streets star claimed he was ordered out of his home in London with his girlfriend and daughter after failing to make his monthly mortgage payments.
He told fans on his blog, "I had my house repossessed. Seven men broke down my door and told me I hadn't kept up my repayments and therefore they would be taking all my belongings.
"The house was now the property of the bank. I ended up on the street with my girlfriend and child."
And worries fans bombarded the blog with messages of support, with some offering furniture to the star.
But Skinner went on to reveal the eviction was a scene from the promo for his forthcoming single Everything Is Borrowed: "You'll get to see the whole video when it drops soon...”