The Streets star MIKE SKINNER had to be treated by paramedics during a concert in Cambridge, England on Tuesday (27Jan09) night - after his crowdsurfing antics went awry. The British rapper regularly enjoys jumping into the audience at his gigs, but has now been warned by medics to stop the dangerous activity before he does some real damage.
Skinner admits that his latest venture into the crowd opened up several old injuries and left him in agony.
He writes on his official internet blog, "People tend to tug me the f**k about and punch me and twist me up. It's great fun at the time but kills like f**k after. Really. Pain like I have never experienced. So tonight I was in such a state that the St John Ambulance insisted on calling the paramedics.
"Apparently I'm all good but need to stop the regular violent tugging and punching - yes punching, people punch me, scratch me and tonight someone held onto my belt so hard that my hernia scar from many years ago opened up to a bright red colour. Looks like a wee organ might pop out of its purply-red, bloody gash. Nice.
"Seriously never known pain like it and I broke both my arms when I was younger, hardly noticing it. Some kind of tendinitis, cramping and general bodily bashing. "