The Streets frontman MIKE SKINNER has apologised to German authorities for stealing a giant stuffed tiger from a motorway service station earlier this month (10MAR06). The toy was snatched while the rapper was touring Germany, and Skinner hopes the brazen robbery will not affect his future performances in the European country. The shame-faced star admits his recollection of the crime is a little vague, but insists his motives were honourable. He says, "Apologies to the German authorities. The tiger was stolen from a motorway service station at approximately 3am the other night between Hamburg and Koln I think, or maybe it was between Hamburg and Berlin. My facts aren't sure. "He was looking very lonely on the top shelf next to the porn and engine oil. "The guy didn't see him jacked (stolen) from the store and we understand that he was worth 200 euros. "If you get in contact maybe we can return TONY (as we have named him) in exchange for amnesty from deportation and/or criminal charges being pressed."