The Streets rapper MIKE SKINNER insists rock stars develop dangerous addictions because they have too much free time on their hands. The 27-year-old Brit, who has been plagued by a narcotics addiction of his own, believes musicians' erratic schedules lead many down a path of lethal consumption. He says, "When you're an artist you make an album, then do what the f**k you like. It's why I don't think most rock stars mean to die, there's just nothing to stop you carrying on and taking loads of drugs. "You either come out the other side or you don't. Most of 'em don't. "I think it's the combination of no-one being above you in the responsibility chain coupled with an ever so slight 'I'm getting old' feeling. You spend your youth doing more of everything and your body just gets used to drink or drugs. "As rock stars we can stay up for three days if we want, and all of that together equals rock star death. "I suppose the ones that do mean to die do it because their body's just completely destroyed because their mind state is not a sane mind. I can identify with that."