The Streets rapper MIKE SKINNER insists British pop star Rachel Stevens was not the inspiration behind lusty ode FIT BUT YOU KNOW IT, ending two years of frenzied tabloid gossip. The hip-hop outfit recorded the track in 2004 and sparked furious rumours the amorous lyrics were directed at the former S CLUB 7 singer when Skinner named her in a drunken off-the-record interrogation. But the cheeky frontman is adamant he threw her name out as a red herring to escape the nosey reporter's questions, and has since apologised profusely. He says, "A woman from (British tabloid) the Daily Star came up in a nightclub and asked, 'Who is Fit But You Know It about?' and I said 'I don't want to talk about it, I'm drunk.' "But she wouldn't go away. So I said, 'Rachel Stevens, because I wouldn't be responsible for my actions if I was in the same room as her.' "It's the kind of thing you say to your mates but you don't want the girl hearing it. "It wasn't really about Rachel Stevens. So we emailed an apology."