The Streets frontman MIKE SKINNER has sensationally begged fans to delete downloaded copies of his new single, because he's ashamed of his vocals on the accompanying B-side. The British star desperately rang his manager after the release of PRANGING OUT last month (SEP06) to see if the CDs could be recalled. He fears fans will be disappointed by the second track DREAMS because his vocals are unclear. Skinner says, "I just listened back to my B-side on my last single and came to the conclusion that I wasn't clear in my delivery of the words in the chorus. "So I phoned my manager and told him I wanted to recall all the singles, remove the download from iTunes and ask if all 38 million people with it in their Limewire directory could delete the file and await the new re-mastered version with clearer words." Pranging Out features troubled rocker PETE DOHERTY.