The Streets star Mike Skinner has "no regrets" about retiring his hit act, insisting he didn't want to end up like ageing rocker Damon Albarn.
The rapper shot to fame in the U.K. in 2002 with the release of The Streets' debut album Original Pirate Material, but he decided to call time on the project following the release of his Computers and Blues record last year (11).
Skinner is now focusing on being a producer and music video director, and is adamant he made the right choice by walking away from the stage because his style of performing won't work when he gets older.
He also takes a swipe at Blur frontman Albarn, who tries to recreate his eccentric on-stage style from his Britpop heyday despite being in his 40s.
Skinner tells The Guardian, "No (I don't regret it). It's like - well, Noel Gallagher has always just stood there and sung a song, and I think you can take that right through to middle age. He's so graceful, isn't he? Whereas Damon Albarn, say, needs to stop, 'cos his kind of music is, 'I'm a bit mad'. Eurgh, it just doesn't work. And unfortunately my music is, 'I'm a bit mad.' So no. No regrets at all."