LATEST: British pop sensations The Stone Roses are set to reform, nine years after they split.

The hugely popular group looked to have gone their separate ways for good in 1996 when guitarist John Squire and frontman Ian Brown fell out.

But Squire has set his sights on reuniting with Brown, bassist MANI and drummer RENI - when he has satisfied his solo ambitions with one final solo album.

Squire tells British magazine TIME OUT, "My plan is to make a ferocious guitar record of my own and then put the Roses back together."

The group's pal, OASIS star Noel Gallagher, recently predicted it was "a matter of time" until the band resolved their issues and reunited.

He said, "They've got unfinished business, and they'd have to do new tunes, but they'd be idiots if they didn't.

"Mani would at the drop of a hat; Ian and John have got issues, but they can be worked out."

24/05/2005 13:39