Former The Stone Roses guitarist John Squire has completely shut the door on the possibility of reuniting with the British band - insisting he doesn't want to live in the past.
The Fools Gold hitmakers were said to be planning a live comeback at festivals in the U.K. this summer (09).
Squire quickly cast doubt on the rumours of regrouping with his former bandmates Ian Brown Gary 'Mani' Mounfield and Alan 'Reni' Renn when he announced he would be working on four art exhibitions over the year (09).
Former frontman Brown also dismissed the reports, insisting the only performance plans he had were solo ones.
Now, Squire has made an appearance on BBC current affairs show Newsnight to finally nail the coffin closed on the reunion rumours.
When asked by presenter Gavin Elser if there was any chance of the group coming together in the future, he replied, "None whatsoever."
He adds, "I'd rather live my life than attempt to rehash it. It would be pointless. I find art far more challenging and rewarding."
And Squire admitted the main reason he appeared on the show was to stop people from pestering him about the reports.
He explains, "That's the whole point of the visit to your studio - I'm trying to stop the phones ringing. I think music is a young person's game and I don't think us old fogey's should get in the way of that."