The Stepford Wives actor Christopher Walken is a big fan of controversial director ABEL FERRARA - and understands his "pumped up" approach to movie-making.

Walken has worked with the American film-maker on King of New York and THE ADDICTION and appreciates his erratic approach.

He says, "I know him well so I understand him when he gets very pumped up and frantic and goes off on a rampage on the set.

"That's part of the energy that he needs to bring to his work. He's made a choice to live on the edge and that's part of what makes all of his films so interesting.

"He goes through a lot of pain and angst - you appreciate how he's struggling to get a certain kind of emotional tension up there on the screen."

Walken drank heavily with Ferrara before his wife's intervention led to him banishing his Vodka addiction.

He explains, "One day I felt so sick that my wife asked me why I was doing that to myself.

"I didn't have a good answer, so I stopped. I don't drink hard liquor any more."

28/10/2004 09:19