The producers of remake The Stepford Wives are risking incurring the wrath of Hillary Clinton and CONDOLEEZA RICE, by misusing their images in adverts for the Nicole Kidman movie.

A trailer for the forthcoming film features former First Lady Clinton holding a tray like an obedient housewife and National Security Advisor Rice, whose image has been changed to make her appear topless with her arms crossed to protect her modesty.

It's not clear whether film company Paramount gained Clinton and Rice's permission to mock them in the promo for The Stepford Wives - which is released in America on 11 June (04) - but bosses at the firm insist they've received no complaints.

The movie - based on the original 1975 thriller by director BRYAN FORBES - is about a small town in Connecticut where it emerges the wives of the wealthy men who live there are "perfect" because they have been replaced by robots.

09/06/2004 17:04