The remake of The Stepford Wives has hit further delays - director Frank Oz is fighting scheduling difficulties with Nicole Kidman to bring her back for more scenes.

After filming on the re-working of the '70s comedy thriller wrapped earlier this year (04), OSCAR-winning Kidman started work on the Sydney Pollack movie The Interpreter.

However, last month (APR04) a test screening of the film was met with negative reviews, so the cast and crew have been forced to reshoot.

The Stepford Wives is set for release next month (JUN04), but BOWFINGER director Oz is trying to get three days out of Kidman's busy filming schedule to return for re-shoots.

One film crew member tells New York's METRO magazine, "Frank's sense of detail can just be insane. He's used to puppets."

05/05/2004 17:24