The Stepford Wives director Frank Oz refused to invite any of the original film's stars to make cameo appearances in his remake - because it would have damaged the credibility of the film.

Oz - whose version stars Nicole Kidman and MATTHEW BRODERICK - always feared giving 1975 stars Katharine Ross and PAULA PRENTISS screen time would damage the seriousness of the central relationship.

And now Oz has completed work on the remake, he's delighted he opted against the idea.

He explains, "I'll tell you what cameos do. As opposed to strictly comedic high-comedy movies - where they can work, and I've done those also, and I've had a lot of cameos in those - with a movie like this you're invested in Matthew and Nic, and there's an emotional core.

"Any cameo is just going to take you out of the movie. You'll be saying, 'Hey, that's such and such,' when I'm going for the honesty of this relationship. And so that's the reason I didn't do any."

08/06/2004 21:05