The Squid and the Whale writer/director Noah Baumbach was terrified when he woke up at 8.50am (PST) on Tuesday (31JAN06) without any news of an Oscar nomination - because he thought he'd been overlooked.

But Baumbach's mood quickly changed when he checked his mobile phone and heard a high-pitched message from actress Laura Linney telling him he'd received a Best Original Screenplay nomination.

He says, "I looked at the clock and realised I wasn't being woken up by the phone, which indicated to me that maybe it wasn't great news.

"In every one of these I've read, the person always seems to be woken by the phone.

"Laura Linney was the first one. She was incoherent because she was yelling so loud. But it was great. What's been amazing is this film has hit every hurdle that we had to hit."

"A year ago, we were just coming out of Sundance. A year before that, we were making this movie in 23 days.

"It has all been gravy after we finished it. I feel like every little victory has been a victory for the whole movie."