The producers of hit gangster TV show The Sopranos have upset the American town of Boonton by featuring it as the scene of a mob slaying in a brutal episode.

TV bosses did not use the location for filming, but residents in the New Jersey district were outraged by the insinuation the area is violent.

Boonton has since been approached by producers who are keen to shoot an episode in the town for real, and they have until August (05) to decide whether to allow the edgy crime drama to be filmed there.

Executive producer ILENE LANDRESS said she is constantly hounded by the towns they choose to film in, as town officials demand the episodes to be non-violent - despite the show being based on gangland life.

She says, "They didn't want us to kill anybody in the town but we did.

"We were up front with people what was going to happen there. We didn't want to get thrown out."

25/07/2005 05:37