The Sopranos actors John Ventimiglia and LOUIS GROSS have both been arrested on unrelated charges. Ventimiglia - who plays chef ARTIE BUCCO on the hit TV show - was arrested in the early hours of Monday morning (01MAY06) on suspicion of drink driving and possessing cocaine. The 37-year-old was pulled over after the Volkswagen car he was driving swerved without its headlights on. The arresting officer said the actor smelled of alcohol and his speech was slurred. Subsequent tests found a blood alcohol level of 0.12 per cent - the legal limit in the US is 0.08 per cent - and Ventimiglia was allegedly carrying a small plastic bag containing the residue of a white powder believed to be cocaine. Ventimiglia protested his innocence and has been released while a court date is set. His lawyer BENJAMIN PETROFSKY says in a statement: "John feels terrible and embarrassed. Until we gather all the information we will have no further comment." LOUIS GROSS, who portrays bodyguard PERRY ANNUNZIATA, was arrested on Sunday (30APR06) for allegedly breaking into a New York City property. Gross was released on Monday without bail. He told reporters, "I don't know nothing. I'm innocent. I'm always innocent." Ventimiglia and Gross are not the first Sopranos to really fall foul of the law. BIG PUSSY star Vincent Pastore pleaded guilty in November (05) to attempting to assault his girlfriend, while LILLO BRANCANTO JR - who played an up and coming mobster - faces murder charges after a police officer was shot dead following a bungled robbery.