Stars of TV hit The Sopranos are calling on its creator to bring the show back from the dead. The series bowed out last year (07) after an extended sixth season, but fans are desperate for more - and the actors are keen to come back too. Speaking at the launch of actress Lorraine Bracco's new wine, a number of castmembers called on creator David Chase to bring The Sopranos back for another season or a movie. Bracco, who played psychologist Jennifer Melfi, said, "I would love it. I'm up for it. Call me." Dominic Chianese, who played ageing mob boss Uncle Junior, added, "I'd be game. Uncle Junior cold jump out of his wheelchair." But Michael Imperioli - mobster Christopher Moltisante - isn't expecting any more Sopranos: "I think we're done. I think we had our day, unless David Chase comes up with something great."