New Jersey gangster drama The Sopranos has picked up 15 nominations for this year's prestigious Emmy TV awards.

After concluding in the US earlier this year, The Sopranos has been nominated for a clutch of gongs including outstanding cinematography and outstanding lead actor for James Gandolfini, who plays mob boss Tony Soprano.

Edie Falco, who stars as Tony's wife Carmela, was also nominated for outstanding lead actress.

The Sopranos ended rather cryptically, but critics were still clearly impressed with the show, which has already won multiple Emmys in the past.

The HBS-produced TV film Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee also fared well with the nominations board.

It received 17 nominations for what was considered an epic portrayal of the expansion of US territories to the West and a moving insight into American Indian culture.

The film was based on the book by Dee Brown, which described the suffering and pressure placed on Indians who saw their lands become suffocated by outside commerce and disease.

Ugly Betty received 11 nominations, while Grey's Anatomy continued to display its popularity with a further ten nods.

Simon Cowell's American Idol, the BBC and HBO's Rome and Planet Earth also picked up a sizeable seven nominations.

The Sopranos had filled the hole in US TV left by The West Wing, which concluded last year in the US.

The White House drama still holds the record for most Emmys won in its first season (nine) and most Emmys won in a single series (also nine).

19/07/2007 15:56:22