LATEST: Producers of hit US TV show The Sopranos have today (12MAR07) been granted permission to film in Bloomfield, New Jersey - four days after council officials revoked the crew's filming permit (09MAR07). Bloomfield Mayor RAYMOND MCCARTHY - whose wife is Italian - had been accused by local businessmen of letting his "personal feelings" get in the way of the filming, because he believed the crime drama painted a negative picture of all Italian-Americans. But the town's lawyer BRIAN ALOIA overruled the council's decision, because the final word rested with the town clerk, not local authorities. Before the ruling, Aloia said, "(The clerk) must look at the application in an objective manner. "She cannot consider, for instance, what's being filmed or, in this case, if she likes the show or doesn't like the show." Producers will now begin filming at Holsten's Brookdale Confectionary in Bloomfield for three days later this month (MAR07).