David Chase, who as creator/writer/producer of The Sopranos, was responsible for arguably the biggest hit in cable television history and unquestionably the biggest hit for HBO, has been lured back to the pay-TV channel to write, produce and sometimes direct a new series titled Ribbon of Dreams . After The Sopranos aired its final episode, Chase had said that he now wanted to devote his attention to the movies. In fact, he will be doing so with this latest project, since the drama begins with the advent of silent films and ends in the present day -- with actors playing a cast of characters who include some of Hollywood's most memorable stars. Today's New York Times said that the title is based on a line by Orson Welles "A film is a ribbon of dreams" and that Chase had been researching the idea for about two years. His longtime producing partner, Grad Grey, now chairman of Paramount, proposed that it would work best as a mini-series and pitched it to HBO. The Times said that Grey will serve as executive producer of Dreams , despite the fact that HBO is a unit of Paramount rival, Time Warner. HBO has not indicated when the show will air.