The sixth series of mafia family drama The Sopranos will be the last according to the show's creator DAVID CHASE.

Chase remained elusive about how the story would unfold, but confirmed there would be eight bonus episodes for fans to look forward to after the final season is over.

He says, "There will be these 12 (forthcoming episodes) and then another eight, and that will be the end."

Rumours of The Sopranos appearing in a feature length film were knocked by Chase, producer of NORTHERN EXPOSURE and THE ROCKFORD FILES, who claimed any ideas for the movie have already been used up.

He says, "We haven't talked about it in a long time... It's hard to see how it would work.

"I think what we're going to be doing the next year and a half would have been that movie."

Award-winning lead actor James Gandolfini insists his days of playing dominating father figure Tony Soprano are over.

He says, "I'm too tired to be a tough guy or any of that stuff anymore. We pretty much used all that up in this show."

Series six begins in the US in March (06).