A New Jersey judge's quest to seek cash he claims is owed to him for co-creating hit TV show The Sopranos has been upheld in court, because no contract had been signed.

Prospect Park judge ROBERT BAER alleged in the suit filed in 2002 that he discussed ideas for the gangster TV series with its credited creator DAVID CHASE before it was launched.

Baer also insisted he had helped Chase conduct his research by putting him in contact with police and mob experts.

However, the Third Circuit Court of Appeals concluded that Baer only had an oral agreement - which reportedly consisted of the promise "You help me; I'll pay you" - with Chase, which abolished his right to any money.

But it also conceded the lower court should have paid more attention to Baer's argument he should be paid for input - eventhough there was no binding contract.

22/12/2004 22:07