The cast of The Sopranos reunited on a quiet street in Brooklyn, New York, yesterday (27JUL05), to film a wedding scene for the hit show's new season.

James Gandolfini, his screen wife, played by Edie Falco; their screen children, played by JAMIE-LYNN DiSCALA and Robert Iler, were among the mob drama's main castmembers present at a neighbourhood church in Brooklyn Heights for the wedding of character JOHNNY 'SACK' SACRAMONI's daughter.

But since Sack, played by VINCENT CURATOLA, was arrested in the climatic episode of last season, there were extras on set dressed as US Marshals, forcing each character to go through a metal detector and be searched for weapons as they entered the church.

And the regulations didn't sit well with Gandolfini's character TONY SOPRANO, who suffered a panic attack when he was ordered to go through the metal detectors several times and remove his shoes.

The next season of the show will debut in the autumn (05).

28/07/2005 03:32