The Sopranos star was ordered to spend 10 years behind bars for his part in a burglary in the Big Apple in 2005 which ended with the fatal shooting of an off-duty New York City cop.

He was freed in 2013 and is preparing to make a big comeback in a new Hollywood movie titled Back In The day, a boxing drama which reportedly stars Alec Baldwin, Danny Glover and Mike Tyson.

However, the news has riled members of the New York Police Department's union, the Patrolmen's Benevolent Association (PBA), who have called for a boycott of the film in memory of slain officer Daniel Enchautegui.

PBA President Patrick J. Lynch says in a statement, "We will never be able to forgive and forget the role that junkie Lillo Brancato played in the death of hero Police Officer Daniel Enchautegui. To that end we ask all right-thinking people not to support this thug's acting career by avoiding this movie and any project in which he is involved."

Brancato was convicted of an attempted burglary charge but he was acquitted of killing Enchautegui. His co-defendant Steven Armento is serving a life sentence for his murder.