Former The Sopranos star Vincent Pastore almost found himself behind bars when a passenger in a limousine he was driving recognised him as a TV killer.
The actor was taking on TV and film roles in between driving New Yorkers around the Big Apple at the beginning of his career - and he was often recognised from the back seat.
But one encounter almost landed him in serious trouble when a "pick-up" thought he was the killer he was playing on TV.
He tells, "I had an America's Most Wanted episode in the can and it was airing on a Friday night. I was playing Tommy Patira, a real guy who chopped up bodies and buried them in Staten Island.
"I went back to the office and was watching it with the dispatcher when the phone rings and it was a woman I had just dropped off in the limo.
"She said, 'I just want you to know that the man who dropped me off at the airport is a serial killer!' They had to tell her I was just an actor. That's a true story."