Former The Sopranos star Vincent Pastore was on his best behaviour on the set of Guy Ritchie's new movie Revolver because he wanted to become a regular member of the director's 'Rat Pack'. The tough guy actor was thrilled when Ritchie offered him a role in the film and spent his time on set convincing the director that, like co-star Jason Statham, he should be asked to play a part in all the Brit's films. Pastore explains, "We were working and despite what everybody probably thinks about guys like us, when you wrap you go home because you know you want to go to dinner and have a few beers and stuff. "But you got a big day the next day and you don't want to disappoint everybody and come in the next day with a hangover. Everybody is depending on you. "You want to take advantage of doing the best job you can so these people want to work with you again and, obviously, since Jason and Guy have worked together three times, they like working together. "I want to be a part of that. I loved working with Jason - he's not late and I want to work again with Guy in London, so you want to get a good report card, case closed."