The entire six seasons of The Sopranos , together with 3.5 hours ofbonus materials and music CDs, are being released on DVD and Blu-ray onTuesday -- but those hoping to find clues about the controversial conclusionof the series will be out of luck, the Los Angeles Times reportedtoday (Monday). In an interview with the newspaper, David Chase, the creatorof the series, said, "Every time I say anything about the ending, I justmake things worse." The Times noted that Chase later called back toexplain "You asked if I wanted to comment about the ending and I said, 'Idon't want to make things worse.' ... But then I thought, 'Well, worse forwho?' It's not worse for me. There are just people who want this closure andI don't have that." The Times said that the Sopranos packageof 33 discs comes in a black linen box, weighs 10 pounds, and is priced at$399.99.