Former The Sopranos star Joe Pantoliano has upset a top U.S. reality TV star over allegations she was upset about singer Amy Winehouse's death - for all the wrong reasons.
The actor recently spoke out about his disgust of the reality TV star's obsession with fame, claiming he overheard her complain about how she was bumped off the cover of America's People magazine by the news of tragic Winehouse's death last year (Jul11).
Armstrong was widowed last summer (15Aug11) after her estranged husband Russell Armstrong was found hanged at a friend's Los Angeles home. The tragedy occurred three weeks after the British soul singer died, aged 27, and Taylor had been expected to grace the cover of People, teasing an in depth interview about her husband's passing inside - until she was pushed aside in favour of a piece on the Rehab hitmaker.
Taylor allegedly moaned about the magazine upset at a charity event, at which Pantoliano was also in attendance, and The Sopranos star couldn't believe his ears.
He tells, "There she was, having breakfast across the way from me. You could see she had all of this work done, and she was complaining how Amy Winehouse knocked her off the cover of People magazine because she up and died, and that she would have gotten the cover because her husband committed suicide. Not kidding you."
But Armstrong's publicist has fired back, telling WENN her client "absolutely never said this".
The rep adds, "She's (Taylor) incredibly insulted by this false accusation. It is also impossible that this would have been the case since Amy Winehouse died almost a month before Russell, and therefore Amy would have been on the cover when Russell was still alive and well.
"It is shocking that Mr Pantoliano would say this, as it is extremely morbid and makes light of the death of both Taylor's husband and Miss Winehouse."