The Sopranos mobster James Gandolfini has embarked on a battle with an electronics retail chain for using his image without permission in an advertisement.

In the newspaper insert, which was circulated in America last year (02), Gandolfini and several members of the cast play front and centre in a commercial for American chain BEST BUY.

The text reads, "Call the boys. Tell 'em I got a sweet deal for 'em. But it ain't gonna last long. They got all the shows a guy wants, plus The Sopranos. What, you got a problem with that?"

Gandolfini definitely has a problem with the ad - insisting he never signed up for it. According to court papers, he values his reputation and image and has guarded it over the years.

The suit reads, "Gandolfini has declined many overtures to appear in advertisements... (He) has been deprived of the economic value of use of his name and likeness."

Seven other castmembers are also suing, including, Edie Falco, Lorraine BRACCO and Steve Van Zandt.

The suit asks for damages to be determined at trial. Gandolfini is asking for extra damages to punish Best Buy for what it's allegedly done.

Former A-TEAM star MR-T recently filed a suit against the chain, claiming his likeness was stolen by them to make him look like a "fool".

09/06/2003 01:56